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Dance as an Art

Dance is an art because with dance you're able to tell a story without using your mouth. Through your choreography and your facial expressions you're able to completely change yourself into another character.

Just like painting, dancing requires creativity and rhythm. One can't dance nor come up with dance steps if one is not creative enough. It's a skill which can be learned and be honed through time. You also got to keep on doing it, especially if you desire to master it. The journey you would possibly have in dancing might sound very easy for a few, but you know yourself even better more than these people do!

Dance is an impactful action and reaction, but the art of dance is that full of emotional actions can be channeled by performers with skill and art, into something that becomes extremely expressive which may ignite and excite the audience who don’t feel wish to dance themselves.

These two concepts of the art of dancing—Dance as an impactful action & Reaction and dance as a skill & art practiced largely by the people in this field—are the 2 most significant connecting ideas running deep into the psyche of the topic and the art form. In dance like any other art, the connection between these 2 concepts is there to exist and stay, and neither can exist without the other.

Clearly dance is extremely unique activity. I'm able to express myself artistically while getting great exercise and keeping my body physically fit. As an added bonus, I really like the friendships and companionships that I have made through dance.

Art comes right down to expression, hard work, and having the ability to use one’s ‘media’ to communicate.

However, dance is usually performed for social, ritual, entertainment, and other purpose also. Hence Dance fits all these key points also.

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